PC Health Check

Just relax-our tech expert’s will take care of everything

Our certified technicians will clear out your junk files, clean up your system registries, defragment your hard drive, update your software and operating system, and make your PC as fast, healthy, and efficient as possible.

Hellothere Computers provide tech support all the editions of the most popular versions of Windows®, including: Windows® 98, Windows® ME, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®, and Windows® XP.

Scope of Service

  • Comprehensive PC health check-up.
  • Award-winning PC health check-up 24/7, for one low price.
  • Boost your machine’s speed.
  • Clean up your system registries and free it from junk files.
  • Un-install any unwanted programs.
  • Defragment your hard drive and check it for errors.


Here's what you get with our award-winning service:

  • Your PC will be tuned up by a certified technician for one low price.
  • Instant access to our technicians-24/7.
  • Clean, fast, healthy PC you deserve-no more junk files, outdated drivers, and messy system registries

How does it work? This service is very simple, you arrange a convenient day for the health check to be performed, and we then come and collect the computer the evening before. We take it back to our office and perform the health check and return it to you the following evening. The whole process takes just 24 hours to complete, but obviously this is depending on technician availability.

The whole service will cost just £50* per machine.
If you are interested in booking any machines you have in for a health check then call us today and get it booked in!

* includes labour only, any required parts will be additional cost.

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