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Most (but not all) viruses arrive in the form of an email with an attachment.

To prevent infection:

Don’t open attachments unless you are sure of the source and content - remember, some viruses could appear to be from people you know!

Keep your Windows operating system up to date by using the Microsoft Windows update web site

Install a firewall

Install virus protection software such as AVG, Panda or NOD 32

If you are unsure of the source of an email or whether it’s genuine, do NOT open it and instead delete it.

BT Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and Gmail for example automatically filters viruses from your email. However, if you use another broadband internet provider or supplier for email you may not be protected.

Some viruses use false addresses to send from, for example and

Please note: Be wary of emails with attachments, so please delete (without opening) any emails claiming to be from banks that you do not bank with.

What is a firewall?

A personal firewall is software (and sometimes hardware) designed to restrict the information flowing between the internet and your PC. Your access to the internet is via ’channels’, or ’ports’; each of these is a communication path to and from your PC. A firewall will limit and control the information that is allowed to pass through each port, in order to protect you from harmful viruses and other unwanted intrusions.

Hellothere Computers recommends the installation of Internet security software full versions and not free versions. Peace of Mind.

What is spyware?

Spyware means programs running on your computer without your knowledge or consent. You may have unknowingly installed spyware when you downloaded programs from the internet or installed software from disks.

Hellothere Computers recommends Spybot search and destroy. Immunise, search then destroy it.

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